Ralph Lemon

June 5-10, 2006


Residency Journal

Ralph’s Mail-In Activity

As part of Ralph’s Open-Ended residency, he developed a fun and challenging activity based on his installation in the gallery. A series of postcards was developed with illustrations and photos by Ralph. The cards contain questions related to the installation chapters, and are also reflective of his investigations into memory, history, and their meanings.

There are two versions of the postcards – one that’s available throughout the exhibition (in the library area) and one that will be offered only on Thursday, June 8 as part of Free Thursday Night. That evening, Ralph will be on-site to answer questions and perhaps give his thoughts on the work. Anyone who fills out a postcard (either version) will receive a reply. Those that participate in the Thursday activity will be eligible to win a drawing by Ralph!

Those of you that have already mailed in your postcards will likely receive replies very soon. Since those folks no longer have the postcard with the original questions, I’ve posted them here as well. Scroll up and check the word bubbles (under Ralph’s picture) to view and compare.