Walter walks into the scene of the task, a space, in his backyard behind two leaning sheds, cluttered all around with interesting yard debris: a large empty soldering gas tank, a big pile of colorful ______, a wheelbarrel sans wheel, a large, empty ________ detergent can, a chewed off ______ ______. Walter then walks down a slight hill from the two leaning sheds and begins to _______ a ______. And finds three buried ______ ______, unjacketed. He retrieves the ______, brushing them off; dropping them one at a time, back up the slight hill, marking his path, to a ______ ______. He retrieves a ______ and ______ ______ filled with (white) ______. After a little time, carrying a ______ and a ______ ______, he walks to the tin tub and pulls it a few feet closer to a ______ ______ sitting nearby.



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