Ralph Lemon

June 5-10, 2006

Ralph Lemon returns to his hometown during the month of June for his artist residency as part of OPEN-ENDED (the art of engagement). For his Walker-commissioned work, Come home Charley Patton (2004), Lemons extensive research led him to cities and sites where histories proved to be only as reliable as memorythat is to say, inherently unstable, defined as much by the seeker of truths as it is by those who recall them. In a series of public and private activities, interviews, and gatherings with local citizens, Lemon mediates this inherent fragility through the lens of his Walker installation.

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Biographical Information

American, b. 1952
Born and raised in Minneapolis, Lemon graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1975, and was part of the Nancy Hauser Company before cofounding Mixed Blood Theater Company in 1976. He moved to New York in the late 1970s and, after a stint with Meredith Monk (whom he first saw perform at the...