Museo aero solar

A project by Tomás Saraceno with Alberto Pesavento
October 1-12, 2008

Museo aero solar is a solar-powered air balloon made from hundreds of reused plastic bags, with new sections being added each time it is reassembled in different cities. This “do-it-yourself” project originated from a series of conversations between artist Tomás Saraceno and writer Alberto Pesavento along with artists at Isola Art Center in Milan, Italy, in 2007. The initial proposition to build “the first flying museum” emerged from a series of conversations about sustainable technologies and architecture, solar energy, and air control regulations. Over the past year, Museo aero solar has been assembled in Milan (Italy), Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), Medellin (Colombia), Lyon (France), Rapperswil (Switzerland) and, most recently, Tirana (Albania). From October 1 through 12, Twin Cities residents are invited to bring used plastic bags and add new sections to the sphere. For more information, call 612.375.7550 or e-mail

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