Faustin Linyekula

Festival of Lies
May-November 2007

Faustin Linyekula, dancer and choreographer, lives and works in Kinshasa. In 2001, after eight years of self-imposed exile, Linyekula returned to his native Congo with a renewed desire to create art there. He quickly established a company and art center, Les Studios Kabako, which is the only space in Kinshasa dedicated to contemporary dance and visual theatre. Linyekula has emerged as a leading figure recognized for his artistry as well as his commitment to education and his firm belief in the importance of art in addressing social issues.

Les Studios Kabako aims to both raise artistic and aesthetic issues and foster professional and structural skills through research, creation and circulation. It provides training opportunities for artists, management and technical staff. A key focus of Les Studios Kabako is to nurture artists to explore new ideas and collaborations both at home and abroad - an essential ingredient for a people that suffered years of isolation and confinement.

Festival of Lies deals with memory and the consequence of collective amnesia within a context of the political, social and economic realities of a turbulent and constantly changing nation. Recycling fragments of memory and propaganda, Linyekula reflects a generation that struggles collectively to simultaneously forget and unearth their history. Amidst a festive party atmosphere in which food and drinks are served and a live band is playing, Linyekula invites the audience to listen to stories…and lies. There are the little stories of daily life, of family histories and myths; and there are the big stories (and lies) of a country often misled. . . .

Artist's Statement

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