Li Zhenhua

Virtual China
May 4-7, 2006

Li Zhenhua is a multimedia artist, photographer, designer, and independent curator from Beijing who is introducing the world to the work of emerging Chinese filmmakers and artists with The Wave, a program of cutting-edge experimental film/video shorts. The Wave was presented recently at the Walker in conjunction with the exhibition OPEN-ENDED (the art of engagement).

Virtual China strives to bring Chinese life not only to the Walker, but to the world. Zhenhua is working with a host of artists to craft the two components of this project: Live Motion, video documentation of art events at the 798 art space, the Cao Changdi art area, and at other locales around China; and Create What You . . . ?, a portal for artists and audiences in China to upload images from mobile phones, webcams, and digital cameras demonstrating what they love and hate about the art world in Beijing. These Web pages will be continually updated from China and available in the gallery and on the Web throughout the run of OPEN-ENDED (the art of engagement). . . .

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