Past Residencies

Residencies sorted in alphabetical order, based on artist's last name.

Chen Shi-Zheng, Akira Matsui, and Eve Beglarian

Title: Fostering Forgiveness
Dates: February 20-March 13, 2000

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla

Title: Radio Re-Volt: One Person.ooOneWatt
Dates: December 2003-October 2004

Craig Baldwin

Title: Artist-in-Residence
Dates: 2000

Alan Berliner

Title: The Language of Names
Dates: February-October 2002

Dawoud Bey

Title: Artist-in-Residence
Dates: 1995

Cheryl Dunye

Title: Stranger Inside
Dates: March 19-23, 1999; May-June 1999

Sam Durant

Title: Garden Project
Dates: 2002-2003

Joanna Haigood

Title: CHOMU (butterfly dreams)
Dates: 1993

Joanna Haigood

Title: Picture Powderhorn
Dates: 1998-2000

Rennie Harris

Title: Hip Hop Moves
Dates: June-November 2003